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Version Control for PLCs

There is one general truth that applies to automated production: The higher the level of automation in production, the more important it is to exactly match all process-related elements. Not only is this requirement of great significance when commissioning a system or plant but also during ongoing production. Constant optimization and fine-tuning of production processes will be required to be able to react to growing and changing demands for product variants, efficiency, and product quality.

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How Honeypots can Help Your Automation Security

In order to systematically detect and defend against hacker attacks on industrial targets, so-called honeypots scenarios are often used. In many of these, false pots of honey are left out in the open and the real pots of honey—valuable data, software, and hardware—are protected as a result. A good example of a false pot of honey in an industrial environment is a data-routing network switch. In this article, we take a closer look at how this could theoretically work in an operational production facility.

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Pharmaceutical Process Validation: Product Quality, Safety and Efficacy

Within pharmaceutical manufacturing, process validation builds quality into the operation at every step.  The result is consistent product quality. It seems straight forward but how does one achieve this when it involves a myriad of multiple systems (PLCs, HMIs, control systems, etc.) and requires a team effort that encompasses people from various disciplines within the plant? 

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