AUVESY Launches ROI Tool to Show Cost Savings from Using Version Control/Data Management System

ROI calculator illustrates how versiondog software can achieve up to a verifiable 20-25% increase in the efficiency of automated production lines

AUVESY, the global market leader for data management systems and the company behind versiondog, announces an enhanced ROI tool to to to help substantiate the operational efficiencies and the tangible results that versiondog brings to automated production. 

The calculator can quickly and easily show how versiondog reduces costs through automated backup routine versioning and archiving, and the effective management of the widest variety of project types.  By providing plant and production managers with comprehensive support using centralized data management, version control and device backup, versiondog enables a higher utilization of a plant’s capacity and can significantly reduce downtime.   

“We’ve found our customers using this tool really value the ability to optimize their whole production operation and attain a high level of confidence that they’re saving time, money and averting potential headaches,” said Alan Hinchman, Chief Revenue Officer of GrayMatter, a technology and consulting company.

With the increasing degree of automation and advancements in technology that impact PLCs, drives, SCADAs, plant systems, robots, HMIs and other devices, versiondog is key to automation production processes because it not only provides centralized data storage, version control, detailed change tracking, automated backup, and clear documentation for audits, but also is compatible with the system requirements of a myriad of different equipment suppliers which mitigates risk regardless of device type.

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