This training course will cover the fundamental expertise required for performing administrator-related
tasks. The knowledge imparted here forms the basis for Advanced Administrator training course & Scripting training course.


Day 1 - Topics: Basic configuration & job creation

Day 2 - Topics: Administration, archive & license management

In this training course you will be introduced to the structure and configuration of the versiondog system. A combination of hands-on, practice-based training and presentations will show you how to configure the default settings to suit your specific needs. We will demonstrate various strategies and methods for creating backups, which will enable you to make backups of both networked and non-networked automation components. In addition, we will explain how to search/filter for specific data and how to use the ReportClient. On the second day, we will show you how to execute administrative tasks and automatic updates of your versiondog. We will also show you some common stumbling blocks you may encounter, so that, in the future, you are able to make configurations both independently and quickly. The training course will also cover how to use maintenance mode, how to specify the user account that runs the “VDog MasterService”, how to correctly backup the server archive, and how to use the Quicksave function. Finally, the last part of the training course will cover how to correctly use the ArchiveManager and versiondog license management.

Overview of the first day:

  • System structure
  • Automated installation (setup.ini)
  • Configuring versiondog application settings (Client.ini, ClientConfigUpdate.ini)
  • Synchronization with Active Directory und User Management (granting rights)
  • Job creationFilter and search in masterdata tab and project tree, ReportClient
    • Main configuration
    • Inherited comparator configuration
    • Upload and compare with the UserClient (Standardjob)
    • Backup of non-networked automated components

Overview of the second day:

  • Measures for ensuring a trouble-free update of versiondog, how to deal with common stumbling blocks
  • Maintenance mode
  • Specifying the user account “VDog MasterService”
  • Backing up your server archive(s)
  • Administration and use of the Quicksave function
  • Archive and copy older versions, backups, and logs with ArchiveManager
  • License management
  • Discussion: If required: upcoming features & enhancements in the next versiondog release
    • Final questions and any remaining issues
    • Support-related questions, desired future features, suggestions for improvement

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