This training course focusses on versiondog add-ons. If you wish to expand your knowledge of agents, gateways, the Export Module, LibraryManagement, parallel servers and server synchronization, then don‘t miss your chance to take part in this training course.

Day 1 - LibraryManagement, parallel servers & server synchronization

Day 2 - Agents, gateways & Export Module

This training course will begin by covering the properties of versiondog LibraryManagment and will show you how to use the add-on. We will use a practice-based approach to demonstrate how to assign LibraryManagement to a component among other tasks. We will also show you how to set up and manage a parallel server system and server synchronization in both a detailed and practice-based manner.

The versiondog system uses upload & compare agents to make backups of and detect changes to automated device data. In the first part of the training course, you will learn how to install and use versiondog agents. The second part of the training course will focus on Gateways/CSC Gateway parameters. Finally, the third part of training course will cover versiondog Export Module. You will learn how to export (1) the project tree, (2) all versions of components (only XML files will be used) and (3) the list of all components and their corresponding jobs (as a CSV file).

Day 1:

  • Using LibraryManagement
  • Setting up and managing a parallel server system
  • Setting up and managing server synchronization

Day 2:

  • Setting parameters for upload and compare agents (incl. their integration)
  • Setting parameters for Gateway/CSC Gateway (Unfortunately, it is not possible to carry this out any practical exercises using Thin Clients)
  • Export Module
  • Discussion:
    • Final questions and any remaining issues:
    • Support-related questions
    • Desired future features
    • Suggestions for improving the training course
  • If required: upcoming features & enhancements in the next versiondog release


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