This training course covers scripting. By using AUVESY’s programming language for scripting, you can make backups of automation devices that are usually not supported by versiondog.
This training course 
is suitable for experienced versiondog users and administrators, who wish to introduce new functionality in their versiondog systems.

Day 1 - Scripting - Basics

Day 2 - Scripting - Advanced

The first day of the training course will be dedicated to showing you how to create, use, and configure scripts. We will train you extensively on how to manage and use versiondog scripts. versiondog scripts can be used to help you perform a variety of tasks. You can use them to configure settings so that an email is automatically sent each time a new version is checked in. You can also use them to generate backups of ABB/KUKA robots and create backups of disk images of Windows computers.

The second day of the training course will focus on you writing your own scripts. We will use three case studies to take you step-by-step through the various processes, from introducing the task, to writing and then completing the script. The various tasks will be carried out in groups, so as to better facilitate the practical application of the newly acquired knowledge, and thus ensure maximum learning outcome possible.

Day 1:

  • Setting up and parametrizing script interface
  • Managing scripts with the help of practical examples
  • Using already existing scripts
  • Script commands from AUVESY explained

Day 2:

  • Group work:
    • You will be given three cases studies
    • Discuss, conceptualize, and implement
  • Discussion about scripting:
    • Final questions and any remaining issues:
    • Support-related questions
    • Desired future features
    • Suggestions for improving the training course
  • If required: upcoming features & enhancements in the next versiondog release


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