Day 1 - Topics: basic functions, components and the UserClient

Day 2 - Topics: additional UserClient, ReportClient functions

At the beginning of the training course, we will take you through the basic versiondog and terminology. Afterwards we will begin with practical examples, such as how to create a project tree and components. We will show you how to change component properties (including ‘Lock’ and ‘Under development’ status), as well as how to use the EasyClient and UserClient. Other important focus points will included navigation (creating favorites), working with the server view and using the search and filter function.

The second day of the training course will introduce you to additional UserClient functions and use exercises to demonstrate how these functions work. We will also introduce you to our Smart Tools, such as SmartView and SmartImport of supplier projects. The training course will also cover how to make backups. You can use the UserClient to create backups of existing jobs and then compare these backups with the working directory. You will be shown how to make copies of existing backups and versions and how to then compare them. Finally, this training course will cover how to use the ReportClient.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to basic versiondog functions and terms
  • Creation of project trees and components
  • Changes to component properties
  • Using UserClient und EasyClient (creating versions, Check-In & -Out)
  • ‘Lock’ and ‘Under development’ status
  • Filter and search in the masterdata and project tree
  • Navigation, incl. creating and managing favorites
  • Server directories, Logical view, Lifecycle view, Physical view
  • Using and managing the Quicksave function

Day 2:

  • Making copies of versions
  • SmartView und SmartImport
  • Upload und compare in UserClient
  • Managing backups in the UserClient
  • Using the ReportClient
  • Discussion:
    • Final questions and any remaining issues (open theme)
    • Support-related questions
    • Desired future features

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